Configuring network settings

Network configuration of MindConnect Nano/IoT2040 requires information on the ethernet interfaces for data acquisition (ethernet labeled with X2P1) and MindSphere (ethernet labeled with X1P1). If your company uses a proxy server, it must also be configured to connect MindConnect Nano/IoT2040 to MindSphere.

It is also possible to do routing between the networks by creating a routing table for up to 20 gateways. The routing table provides access to other devices in different subnets.

Contact your IT administrator for details on your local network settings.

After enabling the connection to the MindConnect Element you can edit the network configuration. You can enter either a static IP address or use DHCP. The last option is possible, if there is a DHCP server available in your company network.


To configure the network setting, follow these steps:

  1. Select the asset in the "Asset" tab.

  2. Click on the asset icon, e. g. "MindConnect Nano".

  3. Click next to "Status" on the button 148976438795.png.

    The following graphic shows the "Edit MindConnect" screen:

  4. Activate DHCP, if a DHCP server is available in your company network or enter the respective information for static IP address.
    The following graphic shows the IP address input fields:



    It is recommended to add network routes instead of using Gateway field. It is applicable for "Production Interface" only.

  5. Enter the proxy data area "Communication Settings" if necessary and click "Save".

    • In this case, contact your network administrator to get the proxy data. For Proxy IP address input field, it is also possible to define the port number e.g.

    • For proxy authentication type NTLM: The domain and the username have to be provided as "username@domain" or as "domain/username".


    If nothing else is configured manually, MindConnect Nano/IoT2040 will try to obtain IP addresses for both adapters via DHCP.

  6. Enter the available router gateways used in your company network.



    • Router gateways can only be added after firmware installation.

  7. Click on "Save", to complete the configuration.