Viewing aspects

After you have selected an asset to be monitored, you can open an extension to see the status of its single aspects or events in detail in the right column. To view variables of aspects Operations Insight offers you the "Aspects" in Assets Plugin Overview.


You have created aspects in Asset Manager.


To view variables of aspects in the "Assets" extension, proceed as follows:

  1. In the right-hand side of Operations Insight, click the "Time series" extension icon.

    • The "Aspects" opens on the right-hand side with the variables.

  2. Select and expand an aspect e.g. "Generator":

    • Aspect "Generator" is opened.

    • You can set a time frame (Time picker: day, week, and month) and see the variables, which you want to monitor.

  3. Select the dates from the last week in the calendar.

  4. To show the exact measured values, move the mouse over the graph.


The "Aspects" shows the available variables of an asset.