Selecting assets

Fleet Manager offers the means for viewing and simple searching/sorting/filtering of assets. You access Fleet Manager via the MindSphere Launchpad.


You have created assets in Asset Manager.


To select an asset in Fleet Manager, proceed as follows:

  1. In the MindSphere Launchpad, click "Fleet Manager".

    The overview page of Fleet Manager appears and you can see the list with assets on the left-hand side.

  2. To view an asset, select between "Fleet" or "Hierarchy" views.

  3. To see the map view, click 121328485771.png .

  4. To quickly find the created asset e.g. "Wind turbine", choose one of the following features:

    • Select the asset that is linked to your aspect and asset type.

    • Enter a required text in the searching box.

      Finding the asset via the searching text
    • Or click the “Filter & sort" button to restrict the asset list.

      Finding the asset "Filter & sort"


The navigation displays the selected asset that corresponds to the search or filter parameters.