API dependencies for applications

API dependencies for applications

MindSphere allows a user to develop backend applications, to support single or multiple UI apps. These applications are called API type apps.

The developer can re-use the functional logic in multiple applications.

API application as dependency to application uses following rules:

  1. Application cannot be registered until all dependent API’s are registered.

  2. Application cannot be uploaded until all dependent API’s are uploaded.

  3. Application cannot be assigned until all dependent API’s are assigned.

Adding API dependencies

For adding API dependencies, click the "Add API Dependency" button.

For adding API dependencies, following rules are followed:

  1. Dependencies can be added only if the application is not registered.

  2. Multiple dependencies (up to 5) can be added.

  3. Different versions of same API application cannot be added.


After adding, the list of dependencies will be displayed in the "API Dependencies" window.