Prepare releases for mobile applications with no infrastructure

Only mobile type of applications can have no backend while hosting in Developer Cockpit.

Processes after registration

After registration, the application makes an entry to the Gateway Registry.

The "ClientID" and "ClientSecret" generated during registration is used to generate the bearer token at the backend.

To know more, refer Mobile Application developer documentation.

"Prepare release of a mobile application" screen


Application details

Application components

Application configuration

Application API dependencies

Application icon

Tools menu


  1. Click mobile applications which are in the "In Development" state.

  2. Click 135057505931.png to start the process of uploading the application. Once you click "Prepare Release" the state of the application changes to "Preparation in progress".

  3. A dialog box thereafter appears and asks you to describe or provide any important information relevant to the application.



The application changes its state to "Waiting for approval".