Register an application in MindSphere

Before registering the created application, it is important to assign at least one scope in the Authorization Management, else the application doesn't allow to proceed with the application registration.


  1. Go to the "Dashboard".

  2. Search for an application which is in the "In Development" state.

    Based on type the application's icon differ. An application is shown below.

  3. Select the application to view the application details.

    You can use the search and filtering bars in the upper right corner if you have several applications.


    If you forget to assign roles and scopes, you can click 135013025291.png under "Roles" and configure the same. You are redirected to Authorization Management section for the selected application. For more information, refer Manage Authorization Management.

  4. Click "Register".

  5. Confirm the Dialog by clicking "Proceed With Registration".

  6. Click “Back To Home”.

  7. Search the application on the "Dashboard" and verify that the application is registered.

Additional step for mobile applications

  1. After the application is registered successfully, a "client ID" and a "client secret" appear in the pop up window. Save the credentials for future use since they are displayed only once.


    Value of the "client secret" is public for each application. The "Client id" follows the below nomenclature:


    In case you want to view the credentials again, you need to de-register and register the application again thereafter. Click "Prepare Release". In the "Prepare Release" window, enter the description and click "Submit".


It is now possible to access the application via a direct link or Launchpad.

If your application does not appear on Launchpad, make sure that your user has the assigned role for this application.

You can assign roles via Settings.

Fleet Manager plugin, mobile applications and API applications are not visible on Launchpad.


For standard, Fleet Manager plugin and mobile applications: It is only possible to register one version of an application. It is not possible to register another version without deregistering the existing version. You can circumvent this limitation by using different application names.

For API applications: it is possible to register two versions but not two revisions of an application.

Next steps

  • Go to Launchpad and open the application for testing.

  • Assign one of your application specific Roles to your users in MindSphere Component "User Manager".