Assign application Roles and Scopes

A default scope - <appname>._access is already provided to the mobile application type where access is provided to both admin and users. For other types, roles and scopes are required to be created.


  1. In "Authorization Management" tab, select "App Roles".

  2. Select your application from the "Applications" window.

  3. Select the "Roles and Scopes Management" tab.

  4. Click on the134985820043.pngbutton.



    For mobile applications, a default scope is available. Scope format is <appname>._access. This role cannot be modified or deleted by the user.

    If you add roles to your application, by default the mentioned scope is assigned to the created role.

  5. In the "Add Scope" window, enter Scope Name and enable the check box for Admin or User or both, as per requirement.


    Creating at least one scope is mandatory to proceed for the registration of the application.

  6. Save the scope.

  7. Click on the134988015243.png button.

  8. Fill the application role name with description from the drop-down menu displayed in the dialog box.

  9. Save the role name.



    By default, two MindSphere roles are automatically assigned to a newly created application - "admin" and "user". If required, you can delete the roles.

Next steps

  • Assign roles to your user via "Settings", in order to access the application.

  • Register your application.