Configurations for applications

Cloud Foundry and self hosted applications

The configurations will be set with a content-security policy header and cache control, by default. Both the keys will be set to a default value. You can change the key values if required, however, the content-security policy header supports only up to 1000 characters while the cache control can be defined up to 255 characters.


Mobile applications

Enter the Android App Links and Universal Links configuration information for "Android" and "iOS" respectively as per the specified format.


These links seamlessly link to content inside your application. Using these links, you can always give users the most integrated mobile experience, even when your application is not installed on the device.

The link configurations are the special URLs which invokes specific screen of native mobile application. These links can be non-HTTP(S) based URLs (called as custom links) or strictly HTTP(S) based URLs. Mobile OS allows multiple applications to register with the same link. Whenever user navigates to any of such links, mobile OS allows the registered user to select one of the applications.

For more information on "Android" and "iOS" application links, refer to Mobile Application Developer Documentation.

Hosting of assetlinks.json and AASA files: In configurations, the field user can provide the link to the "apple-app-site-association file" or to "assetlinks.json" file which is either hosted in user’s domain or storage. Each application can have only one assetlinks.json and one AASA file. The maximum size of each file is 2kb.


The "Configurations" and "Icon" fields for mobile applications are optional.