Deprecated state applications

Cloud Foundry applications can move to "Deprecated" state if they face any vulnerabilities during any of the MindSphere readiness checks after it has moved to "Remediation required" state.

An application moves to a "Deprecated" state after it has failed to rectify or get fixed when in "Remediation required" state.


Unlike other states, "Deprecated" state is not displayed in the applications available in the dashboard. If an application moves from "Remediation required" to "Deprecated" state, the communications are done backend via emails. Further courses of actions are decided backend.

Causes for an application to move to "Deprecated" state

After an application is sent for MindSphere production readiness validation during the "Check in progress" state, it can either go to:

  • "Ready for assignment" state if passed

  • "Remediation required" state if failed

If an application has reached the "Remediation required" state, developers are notified with the application states via emails which were provided during the approval of uploads. The app validation process allows the developer to fix the application within 14 days with a new application version.

If the application faces any failure during any of the MindSphere readiness checks and are not fixed within the allotted time, the application moves to "Deprecated" state after 17 days.

Once an application is in "Deprecated" state, it is considered dead. The user can delete the application from the dashboard.