Assign an application to an Operator

After successful upload of an application to the Application Repository, it is then possible to assign the application to an operator account.

The assignment requires confirmation of the developer and the operator.

"Assign the Cloud Foundry application to operator" screen


Application name and icon

Application details

Application endpoints

Application assignment to operator details

Tools menu

"Assign the self hosted application to operator" screen


Application name and icon

Application details

Application endpoints

Application assignment to operator details

Tools menu

"Assign a mobile application to operator" screen


Application name and icon

Application details

Application endpoints

Application assignment to operator details

Tools menu


  • Name of the operator account, here as "operatorname".

  • One contact e-mail address of the operator account for notifications.

  • Developer Admin role.

Parameters table



Application Icon

Representation of the application in graphical form.

By default, the fields are disabled for editing. For verification purpose, the user can check the displayed data.

Internal Name

Name of the application.

Display Name

Displayed name of the application.


Version of the application.


Standard or Fleet Manager plugin type.


MindSphere Cloud Foundry or self hosted


State of the application.


The information block lets the user know what should be done next. Also, it displays the important information associated with handover procedure.


Short summary of the application is displayed.

Application Endpoints

Point of HTTP client to interact with data resources.

Add Assignment

Operator Name

Enter operator name if required to add assignment.


Add email address to add a new assignment.

Field displayed in table

Operator Name

Name of the operator.

Assignment Status

The current status of the assignment.


Actions to be taken.


  1. Go to “Promoted Apps” tab.

  2. Select your application.

  3. Enter the name of the operator in the "Operator Name" field.


    Operator name should be in lower case.

    The operator should be a tenant of Developer Cockpit environment

  4. Enter the contact e-mail address.

  5. Click on "Add Assignment".

  6. Wait for the operator to acknowledge the assignment. The application has to go through the assignment stages to get published in Operator Cockpit.


    Registered apps will display the "Application URLs" for both Cloud Foundry and self hosted applications.


Customer can de-register a promoted application but deletion of a promoted application is not allowed.

States of actions

Once an operator is assigned to an application, the added operator name and its assignment status are visible in the list of the assigned operators. You will also be able to see the action status of each of the operators.

The operator assignment has the following stages:

  1. Assigned: This is the first stage of the assignment process. The application is assigned to an operator. This assigned application is then visible in Operator Cockpit.

  2. Acknowledged: The admin of the Operator Cockpit has to accept the application. The assignment status changes to "Acknowledged". Thereafter, a "Grant" button is displayed under the "Action" heading alongside the "Acknowledged" status in Developer Cockpit application screen.

  3. Granted: Click the "Grant" button. The status changes to "Granted".

  4. Deployed: The "Granted" assignment status changes to "Deployed" once the application is deployed in the Operator Cockpit.

  5. Published: This is the last stage of the assignment process. The assignment status changes to "Published" when the application is published in the Operator Cockpit.

Once an assignment has been completed, you cannot undo the assignment process. Therefore, a multi-step workflow is recommended in order to prevent accidental assignments.

For more information, refer to Operator Cockpit.


Applications cannot be deleted after being transferred to the production system.