Configure release plan

Configure all Backing Services that your application requires in order to run. As mentioned once the application is uploaded, the application changes its state to "Preparation in progress". Continue to configure the rest of the application by following the procedure given below.

"Configure release plan" screen


Service configuration details

Tools menu

Parameters table



Health Endpoint URL

Health checking of the selected component URL.


Short summary of the application.

Application Credentials

Select the kind of data level access the application requires. There are three options:

  • None - no action on application credentials

  • Limited - read and manage assets permissions are granted.

  • Read and write - both read and write permissions are granted.


  1. Select an application in the "Preparation in Progress" state, from the "Dashboard".

  2. Click "Prepare Release".

  3. Enter the endpoint URL for health check. The component URLs is available in the "Health Endpoint URL" drop-down menu which are auto-populated when the components are added in Create a new application. Enter the health check field to get the status of the URL health.


    If customer has added multiple component URLs, at least one URL health checking is required. The URL generates a success health status if a 200 OK response is returned.

    If the health status check fails, you will not be able to proceed further with uploading of your application.

  4. Enter a short description of the application.

  5. Verify the application credentials.

    • If you have already created app credentials in the Authorization Management, the system automatically selects the type of credentials allocated previously.

    • If you have already created app credentials in the Authorization Management, but now want to select another type, then the selected value is sent to Operator Cockpit.

    • If you did not create any app credentials, by default, this is null.

    • If you select 'None' in the app credentials, the value is nullified irrespective of what you had chosen in Authorization Management app credentials.

  6. Click "Submit".