Prepare Release of a self hosted application

This is the first phase of the handover process of the registered self hosted application.

"Prepare release of a self hosted application" screen


Application details

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Application configuration

Application API dependencies

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The procedure for standard, Fleet Manager Plugin and mobile applications for self hosted infrastructure is same.

  1. Click self hosted applications which are in the "In Development" state.

  2. Click 135057505931.png to start the process of uploading the application.

  3. You now have two options:

  • You can continue configuring your release plans and submit. For detailed information refer Configure Release Plan.

  • While configuring plans, you can submit the uploads later. In that case, the application manages the uploads at the backend. The state of the application changes to "Preparation in progress". You can refer the Prepare Release Plan Uploads to know the detailed procedure.


The application changes its state to "Waiting for approval".

Next steps

After submitting the upload, a user with the Developer Admin role can approve the upload which then triggers the upload to the Application Repository.