Manage service plan uploads

If you close the metadata dialog box by entering the binaries and manifest files, you can configure the service plans later and submit thereafter.

Developer Cockpit allows you to save the entries of the binaries and manifest files once they are uploaded. You can configure the rest of the service plan later.

Once the uploading is finished, click "Manage Uploads". The application changes its state to "Preparation in progress" state.

"Manage service plan uploads" screen


Application details

Application components

Application configuration

Application API dependencies

Application icon

Tools menu


  1. Click applications which are in the "Preparation in Progress"" state.

  2. Click the 135009058443.png button to continue.

  3. Configure the service plans and submit. For detailed information refer to the Configure Service Plan.

  4. Click “Submit”.


    If your application utilizes Cloud Foundry User Provided Services like access to an AWS S3 bucket outside of MindSphere, you must configure this as well.

    Additionally, you must add this information in the description.