Manage uploads of a Cloud Foundry application

The upload of the application to the Application Repository for handover to an operator can only be started after your application has been registered. During application registration, additional verification steps are performed in the background.

"Manage uploads of a Cloud Foundry application" screen


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The procedure for standard, Fleet Manager Plugin and mobile applications for Cloud Foundry infrastructure is same.

  1. Click Cloud Foundry applications which are in the "In Development" state.

  2. Click 135009058443.png to start the process of uploading the application.

  3. Browse and upload the zipped archive that contains the binaries for this application. To zip files correctly, refer guidelines for zipping files.

  4. Browse and upload "manifest" in ".yml" format. This has the configuration for all Cloud Foundry applications which are included in your application. After hitting the "Upload" button, a sanity check of the Manifest is performed. It checks if the Manifest contains CF applications for every component that has been configured. To know about the correct structure of a manifest file, refer guidelines for zipping files.


    Binary and Manifest files upload

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  5. You now have two options:

  • You can continue configuring the service plans and submit. For detailed information refer Configure Service Plan.

  • While configuring plans, you can upload the binaries and manifest and can submit the uploads later. In this case, the application manages the uploads at the backend. The state of the application changes to "Preparation in progress". You can refer the Manage Service Plan Uploads to know the detailed procedure.


The application changes its state to "Waiting for Approval".

Next step

After submitting the upload, a user with the Developer Admin role can approve the upload which then triggers the upload to the Application Repository.