Process to issue Application Credentials

Procedure to assign Application Credentials

  1. Select the "App Credentials" from the left navigation tab of Authorization Management.

  2. Select your application from the application window or use the search bar to make your search easy.

  3. Select the version of the selected application.

  4. Click "Issue Access".

  5. Select the tenant access type and submit.


    Data Access



    In this access, you are allowed to read and manage assets.

    Read and Write

    In this access, you are allowed to read, write and create assets.

    SDI Only (read and write)

    In this access, you are allowed to create, retrieve and execute the Semantic Data Interconnect (SDI) queries for the assets.


    In this access, the customizable set of MindSphere core roles and scopes can contain any kind of data access level.

  6. Once you submit the access type, a dialog box for the secret key is displayed.



The application credentials for the selected application is now generated.



It is important to keep a note of your application credentials since the credentials are only displayed once on the UI during the issuing process.

For API applications, application credentials are not available.

Once the application credentials are generated, the application should be authenticated and authorized to access MindSphere APIs. For more information, see "Authentication & Authorization".

Configuration of Custom Data Access

When using "Custom" data access, you can select from a prefilled list of MindSphere core roles and scopes that should be added to your customer application credentials.


After selecting the required roles and scopes, click "Submit" to generate the customized application credentials. After configuring the custom data access, these roles and scopes will be displayed in the "Pre-release" screen with the "Custom" data access level selection.