Availability of newly created applications in Dashboard

Once you have created a new application, follow the steps below to make your application available in dashboard.

  • Configure the application specific Roles & Scopes for your application. For more information on assigning roles, see the chapter Assign roles and scopes.

  • Assign yourself at least one application specific role in order to access it.

  • Register the application. For more information on registering applications, see Register an application in MindSphere.


  • The name and the version of the application cannot be changed after its creation. However, you can change the Application Icon, Display Name, Description and endpoint configuration.

  • The configuration of an application can only be changed when it is not registered on the Gateway.

  • An application cannot be registered if it does not have any Roles, since this information needs to be provided to the MindSphere Gateway.

  • Applications and application versions that have been submitted to the Application Repository cannot be changed later. You need to create a new application version in order to make changes and register the new version.