Create a new version of an application

Based on one application version, it is possible to create a new version by cloning an already existing application. An additional subscription to the version creation is required for creating different versions for self hosted applications.

The "Create New Version" creates a replica of an existing application of any state. The only difference will be the version and the application state.

The new application will have the state "In Development" on the creation of a new application version. It saves the time of the customer from creating the same application again if it fails at any point. The customer can to modify the cloned application when in the "In Development" state. Customer can modify all the routes, icon, display name as well as the configurations.


  1. Open the Dashboard.

  2. Select "Dashboard" on the start screen. Click on “Create new version”.



    A new version of the application must be created using the "Create new version" option. It is not possible to create a new version manually using the "Create new application" option.

  3. Select an existing application version.

  4. Enter the "New Version" number.

    Use of capital letter for naming versions is not allowed.

  5. Click "Clone".


The new version of the application is created, and you can now change the configuration, e.g. modifying endpoints etc.

New applications will follow the same procedure of configuring application routes and upload process.