Applications for MindSphere

Types of applications

Developer Cockpit allows you to create three types of applications:

  • Standard

  • Fleet Manager Plugin

  • Mobile

When applications are created, they are available in Developer Cockpit dashboard thereafter. After the registration of the applications, the standard UI applications are available in MindSphere Launchpad and Fleet Manager plugin applications are available in Fleet Manager dashboard.

Mobile type applications are available exclusively for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Types of application infrastructure

Developer Cockpit provides the following infrastructure:

For standard applications:

  • MindSphere Cloud Foundry

  • Self hosted

For Fleet Manager Plugin applications:

  • MindSphere Cloud Foundry

  • Self hosted

For mobile applications:

  • MindSphere Cloud Foundry

  • Self hosted

  • None

Cloud Foundry, self hosted and mobile applications

Cloud Foundry supports MindSphere applications that consist of one or more micro services. Each micro service is represented by a Cloud Foundry application that requires to be run within a single Cloud Foundry Space. Currently, MindSphere supports only Cloud Foundry applications that have a single Cloud Foundry Manifest configuration. You are required to use <appname>-<tenantname> for Cloud Foundry hosts in Cloud Foundry Manifest files. You can also use <tenantname> or random routes in Cloud Foundry Manifest files.

Developer Cockpit also supports the platform for self hosted applications which will be available in Launchpad, after registration and publication. Self Hosted Applications will be hosted on the private infrastructure of the tenant, that is, component URLs cannot end with

Mobile type of applications can also be hosted in Developer Cockpit. However, they are exclusively available only for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Mendix-based applications

Mendix is a software platform which provides tools for building, testing and deploying applications. This feature is applicable only for MindSphere Cloud Foundry and self hosted applications. For more information on Mendix, refer to Developing Mendix Apps for MindSphere.