Application journey states

Flow of states for an application

An application must go through the following states in a sequential order in Developer Cockpit before being available in LaunchPad:

For passed applications, the next state is "Ready for assignment".

For self hosted applications, once an application reaches "Ready for assignment" state, they can be assigned to operators. This is because the self hosted applications are third party applications and have URLs which are registered with MindSphere for execution. If any errors are detected during executions, they just require fixes. Hence, no further checks are required after "Ready for assignment" state unlike MindSphere Cloud Foundry (CF) applications.

If a Cloud Foundry application fails, it moves to:

An application might go into "Remediation required" state due to internal failure or when it fails the MindSphere production readiness validation.

An application moves to "Deprecated" state at the backend after it has failed to rectify or get fixed when in "Remediation required" state. Further courses of actions on the application are decided backend.