User interface "Promoted Apps"

The "Promoted Apps" screen shows all applications which are ready to be handed over to the operator.

"Promoted Apps" screen


Navigation tabs to choose Promoted Apps section

Apps displayed in the Promoted Apps area

Toggle button to show only archived apps

Search options


The following table shows the buttons of the start screen:




Filter the search based on the state of the application.

The states available are:

  • All 

  • In Development

  • Failed

  • Waiting For Approval

  • Preparation In Progress

  • Check In Progress

The types available are:

  • All 

  • Standard 

  • Fleet Manager

  • Mobile 

  • API

Also Registered and Un-Registered.


Search the application by name.


  • For the previously released applications, you cannot change the states "Remediation Required" or "Deprecated". These states will remain in the "Dashboard Apps" tab.

  • You can view the upgraded states for the newly created applications from the current release.