Adding data source

To receive the data of your MindConnect LIB you need to add a data source.


  • You have created an asset and an aspect.

  • You have enabled the connection to the MindConnect LIB.


To add a data source to an asset of type MindConnect LIB, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the asset in the "Assets" tab, e. g. "Wind turbine".

  2. Click on the plugin icon, e. g. "MindConnect LIB".

  3. Click "Add data source".

    • The window to enter the name and description data is opened.

  4. Enter data source data and confirm with "Accept".

    • Confirm dialog is shown.

  5. To save the data source click "Save".


You have now created a new data source. The new data source is available at the asset details of your MindConnect LIB.