Create an asset

All new assets are based on a type.

  • For connecting MindConnect Elements you can use the core types.

  • To configure your custom asset, you have to create your own type with the required aspects and variables. Subsequently you can derive your customized asset based on type.

  • The classification information is only shown if an asset is derived from BasicDevice. The classification of an asset cannot be changed afterwards.

  • The time zone cannot be changed after the creation of the asset.

You can find more information about types in chapter Using types.


In order to create an asset, proceed as follows:

  1. Click "Assets" in the navigation area.

  2. To create a new asset click 119344113931.png "Create asset".

    The asset type overview window is opened.

  3. Select the respective asset type for your new asset, e. g. "Windturbine" and click "Create".

  4. Enter a name and the data for the asset, e. g. "Windturbine1".

  5. Choose the time zone of the asset.

  6. Confirm the entries with "Save".


The new asset is now available in the selection list.


Asset consumption

Your MindAccess plan determines the number of assets instances you can create. If you have exceeded your authorized asset instance limit, a dialog box informs you of the exceeded limit. You have the option to request or perform an upgrade. You cannot create any more assets once you have reached your limit.