"Asset" user interface

You operate assets using the "navigation area", the "selection list" and the "asset detail view".


Navigation area

Creates a new asset

Search entry

Switch between selection list and asset search

Selection list


Edit basic settings of the asset

Add a child asset to selected asset

Advanced operating tools:

  • Share asset

  • Move asset

  • Open files function

  • Open asset in Fleet Manager

  • Create a flow in Visual Flow Creator

  • Delete asset

  • Open in Settings

Shows the events, aspects, variables and plugins of the asset

Asset detail view

The asset details show you the details of your asset's direct variables and aspects:


Shows the status of the events

Shows the status of the aspects of the last 24 hours

Refresh of aspects

Shows the variables of the asset


Events preview

The events preview shows only standard events. You can find more information in the event management service documentation.