Disconnecting the SINUMERIK control system from MindSphere

Using the MindSphere application "Asset Manager", disconnect the SINUMERIK control from MindSphere.


Additional information on this is provided in the MindSphere System Manual:

  • Chapter: Roles within MindSphere

  • Chapter: Configuring assets


You require the "MindAccess User" role in MindSphere to do this.


  1. Click the "Asset Manager" MindSphere application, and select an asset in the left window pane.

  2. Click the "MTA Asset Config" icon in the right-hand side of the window.

  3. Under the "Connectivity" tab, you can see the connection status, e.g. "Onboarding...".

    • Click the "Disconnect machine tool from MindSphere" button to disconnect the asset from MindSphere.

    • Click "Save" to save the setting.



    After MindSphere and the machine tool have been disconnected, we recommend deleting the following files from your SINUMERIK control system:

    • All files in the "boot_job" folder

    • All files in the "cache" folder

    • All files in the "service_job" folder