"Asset Manager" is a MindSphere application belonging to the Industrial IoT platform of Siemens. In the "Asset Manager", using assets, you model the structure of an industrial process within MindSphere.

In the "Asset Manager", connect your machine tool, the asset, with the MindSphere application and configure the data acquisition.

The specific functions and configuration options for the "SINUMERIK" area are discussed in the following.

Using an asset type, you can define which aspects should be integrated into the template. Using asset types, you have the option of creating a template, e.g. for several devices, and linking this with your aspects. When creating a new asset, you can access the template or the type.

Aspects are combined, preconfigured data and form the context for evaluating industrial processes. An aspect can comprise several variables. Within an industrial process, assets transfer the aspects into the MindSphere application as time series data.

Opening the Asset Manager

  1. Click on the "MindSphere Asset Manager" icon.

  2. The "Asset Manager" window opens and you have the following options:

    • Edit assets

    • Add subordinate assets

    • Creating assets
      Further information can be found in the following section: Creating an Asset.

    • Creating and editing asset types
      Further information can be found in the following section: Creating an asset type

    • Creating and editing aspects

  3. When you click on the three dots in the top right window pane, the following options are offered:

    • Shifting an asset

    • Fleet Manager

    • Deleting an asset