Install the registration key on a SINUMERIK control system

The activation of SINUMERIK Integrate, the setting up of the URL/proxy and the restart creates the "boot_job" folder in the /var/tmp/ directory.

If the folder was not set up, then create the folder manually.

Copy the "onboard.key" to the SINUMERIK control system, e.g. using WinSCP.


  • The "onboard key" has been generated.

  • The "boot_job" folder is created on the SINUMERIK control system, e.g. at C:\

  • The time on the control system has been synchronized with the current time.

  • The Internet connection has been checked and is established.


  1. Copy the generated "onboard.key" file using WinSCP for example via the network to the SINUMERIK control system.

  2. Start the SINUMERIK control system and open the directory, e.g. /var/tmp/boot_job.
    If the "boot_job" folder does not exist, then create the folder manually.

  3. Open the "boot_job" folder.
    If there is already a "cert.key" file in the /var/tmp/boot_job folder, the control was already connected to MindSphere. If you want to establish a new connection, then delete the existing file and insert the new "onboard.key" file.

  4. Then start the SINUMERIK Operate operating software.
    When the connection to the server has been successfully established, then the "cert.key" file is created.

  5. The onboarding is completed and the "onboard.key" is no longer displayed in the directory.