Activating the data acquisition

The "Asset Manager" MindSphere application allows you to configure the assets, and you activate data acquisition for the following data points with a slider in the "Aspects" tab:

  • Addressing

  • Data formats

  • Sampling rate

  • Physical unit

The data points can be connected either as preconfigured data sets, or configured separately in the form of variable sets with the SINUMERIK variable configurator.

The following preconfigured variable sets exist for assets with the SINUMERIK control system:

  • SINUMERIK basic configuration

  • Machine availability

  • Advanced recording


Activating pre-configured variable sets

If you activate the checkbox for license conditions under "Analyze MyPerformance", and set the "Analyze MyPerformance" slider to "ON", you can also activate variable transmission.


First NC channel

The preconfigured "SINUMERIK basic configuration" and "Machine availability" data refer only to data from the first NC channel.


  1. Click the "Asset Manager" application and select the required asset in the left-hand side of the window.

  2. Click the "MTA Asset Config" icon.
    The "Onboarding / Offboarding" window opens.

  3. Click the "Aspects" tab.
    The "SINUMERIK presets" window opens.

    • Activate the checkbox for general license conditions under "Analyze MyPerformance".

    • Set the slider for "Analyze MyPerformance" to "ON" to activate use of "Analyze MyPerformance" for this asset and to enable use of the other slider.

    • Set the slider for "Variable transmission" to "ON" to obtain the data in "Analyze MyPerformance" in the "Aspects" tab and in the MMM dashboard.

    • Click "Save" to save the settings.


Price model

Fees are incurred each time you set the "Analyze MyPerformance" slider to "ON".

  • To view the fees, click the "Price Model" link under "Analyze MyPerformance".
    The information about the price model is displayed.