Activating logs for troubleshooting

At the SINUMERIK control system, activate the logs in the "ePSConfig.user.xml" file for troubleshooting.


  1. Press the "System data" softkey.

  2. Navigate in the following directory: System CF card/user/sinumerik/hmi/cfg.

  3. Open file "ePSConfig.user.xml".

  4. Make the following setting:

    <separateScriptLog active="1">1</separateScriptLog>

    <scriptLogPath active="1">/var/tmp/scriptLog</scriptLogPath>

    <scriptLogSeverity active="1">8</scriptLogSeverity>

    <uiScriptLogSeverity active="0">2</uiScriptLogSeverity>

    <maxScriptLogSize active="1">10000</maxScriptLogSize>

    <maxLogLifeTimeDays active="0">30</maxLogLifeTimeDays>


  5. Restart the SINUMERIK control system and have the log files sent to you.