Installing a SINUMERIK 828D update

If you are not using a suitable software version on the SINUMERIK 828D control, you must install the required software update/backup.


  1. Switch the control on.
    The following is displayed during startup:

  2. Press the <SELECT> key within three seconds.
    To call the "Startup menu", press the following keys in succession:

    Menu back key, HSK2 (horizontal softkey 2), VSK2 (vertical softkey 2)



    PPU with touch operation

    To call the "Startup menu" during startup, there is an additional shortcut key for all PPUs: "8" → "2" → "8"

  3. The "Startup menu" is displayed, "Normal startup" is the default setting.

  4. Select the "Install software update/backup" option to install an update on the system CompactFlash card from the user CompactFlash card or USB flash drive.

  5. The following message is displayed:
    "Do you want to install the software update? Either CF card or USB stick must be plugged in".

  6. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB interface on the front of the operator panel and click "Yes".

  7. Make sure that only individual ".tgz" files are located on the USB flash drive. Press the <INPUT> key to install the required files.

  8. The installation preparation and then the installation procedure are shown on the screen.

  9. At the end, the following message is displayed: "Restoring complete. Switch off and remove data medium!"
    Switch the control off and remove the storage medium.


Further information on the commissioning of the SINUMERIK 828D can be found in the following Commissioning Manual:

SINUMERIK 828D, Commissioning CNC