Creating and editing aspects

To create a new dashboard item on the Dashboard overview page, proceed as described below:

  1. On the Dashboard overview page, click the 128524986251.png button. The following dialog box opens.

  2. Select an asset. Confirm your selection with "Next".

  3. Select an aspect from the list. Confirm your selection with "Next".


    1. You can only create one instance of an aspect in the dashboard.

    2. The subsequent "Additional information" dialog is optional. If you neither select the status word variable nor a fault code, then you can use the details view to display aspect details. However, the status word variable and the fault code for the aspect are not taken into account on the dashboard overview page.

  4. In the dialog box that then opens, you can select a status word variable and a fault code variable, and, if necessary, define a label for a dashboard item. To display the label, you must select the "Define label for dasboard item" checkbox.

  5. Confirm your entries by clicking "Add To Dashboard". The dashboard item is displayed on the dashboard overview page.


Detailed view

When you click the dashboard item, the detailed view opens. In the detailed view, the "Status" of the device is displayed together with its "Value". In addition, the assets/variables are listed together with their "Value", "Unit", and "Last Update Time". If a chart has been configured for an Aspect Variable, then you can open the associated chart using "Go to chart".