Creating notifications for the event type "Chart threshold value".

You can define a "minimum limit" and/or "maximum limit" for line diagrams. With the event type "Chart threshold value", a notification is sent out if the value is outside the defined range.


The maximum motor temperature is 40 °C. If the motor temperature exceeds the maximum limit, MindSphere sends a notification to the defined recipient.


Proceed as described below:

  1. Click the 128524986251.png button. The following dialog box opens.

  2. Select the event type "Chart threshold value". The following dialog box opens.

  3. Select an asset. You can only select an asset which has been created on the charts overview page.

    If a line diagram with defined threshold values was created for this asset, you can select the diagram under "Chart". In the selection list, use the mouse to display the "maximum limit" and "minimum limit" for the diagram.

  4. Confirm with "Next".

  5. Configure the e-mail recipient in field "To" (you can enter more than one recipient) and the "E-mail subject", the "E-mail header", and the "E-mail footer".

  6. Confirm with "Save and close".


If notifications have been configured for a chart, an e-mail icon is displayed on the chart.