Web Components for Insights Hub and Industrial IoT

With Cross-Tenancy functionality, Insights Hub and Industrial IoT allows to share data between different independent tenants. This section describes how shared data can be displayed in your application using Web Components.

Cross-Tenancy can be enabled for the following Web Components using the property sharedAssets:

  • Asset View
  • Asset Map
  • Aspect Variable-Selector
  • Aggregate Chart

By default, Cross-Tenancy is disabled.

To handle shared assets from other tenants, the sharedAssets-attribute has to be set.

  // activate Cross-Tenancy in the asset view
  assetView.sharedAssets = true

  // also other components have to be activated if they are used
  aspectVariableSelector.sharedAssets = true;
  aggregatesChart.sharedAssets = true;

Shared asset IDs are not yet supported by the following Web Components:

  • File View
  • Rule View

If differentiation is needed, the IAsset property isShared can be used.

  assetView.addEventListener('selectedAssetChanged', function (eventParams) {
    if(!eventParams.detail.isShared) {
      fileView.assetId = eventParams.detail.assetId;

For more information refer Cross-Tenancy.

Last update: February 23, 2024

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