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Web Components for Insights Hub and Industrial IoT
MCEA View Chart


This component requires access to MindConnect Edge Analytics and the related roles and scopes.
Only this application provides the necessary files for displaying complex data.
You can purchase the application in the Store.

The MCEA View Chart displays complex data like FFTs calculated and uploaded by MindConnect Edge Analytics.

A list of available files is provided in the spectra tab, where data can be selected, to display it. The listed entries are dependent on the selection of the Asset and the time interval. Multiple entries can be selected to displayed and compare them with each other.
Within the Cursors tab, Frequency Markers of assigned Components by Edge Analytics can be displayed and configured.

Within the chart area, the data is displayed. With available toolbar buttons, the following functionality is provided:

  • Line chart
  • Bar chart
  • Move axis
  • Zoom axis
  • Undo zoom
  • Previous file
  • Next file
  • Enable/disable Cursors
  • Enable/disable data markers
  • Data type selection






```typescript interface TimeZoneDateRange { from: Date; to: Date; isAllDay: boolean; timeZone: TimeZone; }

enum TimeZone {
    Local = 'Local',
    UTC = 'UTC',


  • mdsp:core:iot.filxxx (IoT File API is used - the component supports only read-functionalities)
  • mdsp:core:iot.timUser (IoT TimeSeries API is used)


List up and display files of a specific Asset


<mdsp-mcea-view-chart asset-id="yourAssetId"></mdsp-mcea-view-chart>

HTML and Javascript


const mceaViewChartComp = document.querySelector('mdsp-mcea-view-chart');
mceaViewChartComp.assetId = 'yourAssetId';

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Last update: April 13, 2023