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Web Components for Insights Hub and Industrial IoT
File View

The File View lists the files assigned to a specific asset. The list is sortable and distributed over pages of a configurable size.

When one or multiple files are selected, a selectedFileChanged event is triggered.







Name Type Corresponding attribute Default Description Allowed Values
assetId string asset-id Configures the asset whose files are displayed using its asset ID.
context string context Configures the context of the component. See also here.
createdDateRange TimeZoneDateRange Specifies the creation date range to be displayed using from, to, isAllDay and timeZone.
errorNotification boolean error-notification Enables error control if an error is thrown. This can be used for debug purposes.

For productive use, the error event should be caught and handled in the application. See also here.
filterable boolean filterable false Enables filter options in the table if true.
fromCreatedDate Date Specifies the earliest creation date of the files to be displayed.
fromUpdatedDate Date Specifies the earliest update date of the files to be displayed.
locale string locale Specifies the locale in which the component is displayed.
The locales en and de are provided by default.
See also here.
localeManager LocaleManager Returns a LocaleManager object.

This can be used to add locales or to get the locale settings. See also here.
model FileDataModelProxy Returns an object for data model handling, refer to FileDataModelProxy model.
multiSelectable boolean multi-selectable false Enables selection of multiple files if true.
pagerMode PagerMode pager-mode Simple Configures the table's pagination mode. - Simple
- Advanced
- Advanced2
- Hidden
pageSize number page-size 10 Configures the initial page size. 1 - (pageSizeLimit of this component)
selectable boolean selectable false Enables file selection if true.
stickyHeader boolean sticky-header false Specifies whether the table header is sticky if true.
timeZone TimeZone time-zone Specifies the selected time zone.
toCreatedDate Date Specifies the latest creation date of the files to be displayed.
toUpdatedDate Date Specifies the latest update date of the files to be displayed.
updatedDateRange TimeZoneDateRange Specifies the update date range to be displayed using from, to, isAllDay and timeZone.
view IViewModel Returns an object for view handling, refer to IViewModel model.


Name Type Description
selectedFileChanged EventEmitter<any> Triggered when the selection of a file changes.
selectedFilesChanged EventEmitter<any[]> Triggered when the selection of multiple files changes.
connected EventEmitter<any> Triggered after the component is created, initialized and appended to the DOM tree.
error EventEmitter<MdspUiError> Triggered when an error occurs in the component or while accessing APIs. See also here.



```typescript interface TimeZoneDateRange { from: Date; to: Date; isAllDay: boolean; timeZone: TimeZone; }

interface IDataModel {
    // forces reload of data, e.g. re-loading the files
    refresh(): void;
type FileDataModelProxy = {
    refresh(): void;
enum TimeZone {
    Local = 'Local',
    UTC = 'UTC',


  • mdsp:core:iot.filxxx (IoT File API is used - the component supports only read-functionalities)


Use Simple Paging

<mdsp-file-view pager-mode="Simple"></mdsp-file-view>

Simple pager

Use Advanced Paging

<mdsp-file-view pager-mode="Advanced"></mdsp-file-view>

Advanced pager

Refresh the File View

The data model of the File View can be refreshed to get the latest file list, for example to update the view cyclically.


Using filters in table header

With the property filterable you can enable filtering in the table header.

<mdsp-file-view filterable="true"></mdsp-file-view>



The filter string is used unchanged as the search text. Searching for files starting with a specific sequence can be achieved with wildcards like LogFiles*.

Last update: February 23, 2024

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