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Web Components for Insights Hub and Industrial IoT
Event Type View

The Event Type View displays a list of all the event types which can be used. For example, for filtering the Event View.
The component supports as view mode List or Tree. It will display all tenants from the active tenant in addition to event types which are defined globally.



Event-Type-View in list mode


Event-Type-View in tree mode





Name Type Corresponding attribute Default Description Allowed Values
context string context Configures the context of the component. See also here.
countHidden boolean count-hidden false Hides the event type count field if true.
errorNotification boolean error-notification Enables error control if an error is thrown. This can be used for debug purposes.

For productive use, the error event should be caught and handled in the application. See also here.
locale string locale Specifies the locale in which the component is displayed.
The locales en and de are provided by default.
See also here.
localeManager LocaleManager Returns a LocaleManager object.

This can be used to add locales or to get the locale settings. See also here.
model IDataModel Returns an object for data model handling, refer to IDataModel model.
searchHidden boolean search-hidden false Hides the search field if true.
searchText string search-text Specifies the text in the search field (read or write).
selectedEventTypeId string selected-event-type-id Specifies the ID of the selected event type.
viewMode EventTypeViewMode view-mode List Configures the view mode. - List
- Tree


Name Type Description
selectedEventTypeChanged EventEmitter<IEventType> Triggered when a new event type is selected.
searchTextChanged EventEmitter<string> Triggered when the search text changes.
connected EventEmitter<any> Triggered after the component is created, initialized and appended to the DOM tree.
error EventEmitter<MdspUiError> Triggered when an error occurs in the component or while accessing APIs. See also here.


interface IDataModel {
    // forces reload of data, e.g. re-loading the event types
    refresh(): void;


  • (Event Management API is used)


Display event types of the current tenant in addition to event types which are defined globally


Last update: February 23, 2024

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