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Date Time Range Picker

The Date Time Range Picker allows users to select a date/time range. Time ranges can be defined by start and end times in UTC or local time, or using quick ranges.


The following pictures show the different tabs of the Date Time Range Picker.

Calender View


Quick Ranges View


Time Zone View






Name Type Corresponding attribute Default Description Allowed Values
allDay boolean all-day Ignores timestamps if true.
context string context Configures the context of the component. See also here.
dateRange TimeZoneDateRange Specifies the date range using from, to, isAllDay and timeZone properties, refer to IDateRange model.
errorNotification boolean error-notification Enables error control if an error is thrown. This can be used for debug purposes.

For productive use, the error event should be caught and handled in the application. See also here.
fixedMode boolean fixed-mode Specifies if the menu is displayed in a fixed position style.
locale string locale Specifies the locale in which the component is displayed.
The locales en and de are provided by default.
See also here.
localeManager LocaleManager Returns a LocaleManager object.

This can be used to add locales or to get the locale settings. See also here.
relativeRange RelativeRange relative-range Specifies the selected relative range.
rightAligned boolean right-aligned Specifies if the component is used right-aligned in the application.
The component will open to the left side if set to true.
timeZone TimeZone time-zone Specifies the selected time zone.
validDateRange ValidDateRange Specifies the date range a user can select in the user interface. Days outside this range will be disabled.
Depending on the length of the selected time range, related quickRanges are disabled.


Name Type Description
dateRangeChanged EventEmitter<TimeZoneDateRangePicker> Triggered when the selected date range changes.
connected EventEmitter<any> Triggered after the component is created, initialized and appended to the DOM tree.
error EventEmitter<MdspUiError> Triggered when an error occurs in the component or while accessing APIs. See also here.


interface TimeZoneDateRange {
    from: Date;
    to: Date;
    isAllDay: boolean;
    timeZone: TimeZone;
interface ValidDateRange {
    min?: Date;
    max?: Date;
enum RelativeRange {
    Custom = 'Custom',
    Last60Min = 'Last60Min',
    Last24Hours = 'Last24Hours',
    Last7Days = 'Last7Days',
    Last30Days = 'Last30Days',
    Last90Days = 'Last90Days',
    Today = 'Today',
    Yesterday = 'Yesterday',
    PreviousWeek = 'PreviousWeek',
    PreviousMonth = 'PreviousMonth',
    PreviousQuarter = 'PreviousQuarter',
enum TimeZone {
    Local = 'Local',
    UTC = 'UTC',



  • This component does not require a specific role.


Open to different directions

Configure the alignment parameter of the Date Time Range Picker based on its position. If the Date Time Range Picker is right-aligned as shown below, it unfolds to the left side.

<mdsp-date-time-range-picker from-date="2019-01-07T00:00:00.000Z" to-date="2019-01-09T23:59:00.000Z" error-notification="true" right-aligned="true"></mdsp-date-time-range-picker>

Limit selectable range

For limiting the selectable date range, e.g. to prohibit selecting a future date, the validDateRange-property can be applied.

// disable future dates
dateTimeRangePicker.validDateRange = {max: new Date()}


Last update: February 23, 2024

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