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Open Edge Device Kit – Getting Started - Executable Version

Prerequisites to use the Open Edge Device Kit

The Open Edge Device Kit is a software component which can be run on a user device. The module is written in Java and can be executed on a Java friendly environment.

  • 4 GB free disk space
  • 1 GB RAM available
  • 1 Core CPU, 600 MHz
  • Linux-based operating system
  • Root privileges

  • JRE 8

  • An MQTT broker, Eclipse Mosquitto ( recommended - must be running before starting the Open Edge Device Kit


Make sure to use an MQTT broker with high availability.

Installation Instructions

Downloading the Open Edge Device Kit

Download the Open Edge Device Kit from the Siemens Industry Online Support (SIOS) Portal. Extract the tarball file with the option tar -xvf.

Installing the Executable

The installation is triggered using the following command:


By default, the installation script installs the Open Edge Device Kit into the directory /opt/siemens/. Use the directory parameter -d {installation_directory} for a custom installation directory.


The installation script opens a built-in help via:

./ -h

Changing the Settings (optional)

The Open Edge Device Kit uses a settings file when starting up, which is called oedk_config.json and located in the ipc/cfg directory.

Click here to display the standard settings file
  "installation": {
    "autoStart": 1,
    "agentRoot": "/persistent_massdata/appData/"
  "logging": {
    "active_log_directory": "/persistent_massdata/log/",
    "upload_log_directory": "/persistent_massdata/tmp/logsToUpload/",
    "archived_log_directory": "/persistent_massdata/tmp/archive/",
    "logLevel": "INFO",
    "size_mb": 20,
    "size_cap_mb": 200,
    "log_history_days": 8,
    "upload_cycle_sec": 120
  "offlineCache": {
    "directory": "offlineCache/",
    "size": 500000000
  "controllerInterface": {
    "mqttPort": 1883,
    "mqttHostname": ""
  "communication": {
    "keyStorePath": "keyStore/"
  "eventObserver": {
    "initialDelay": 0,
    "executionPeriod": 10
  "notification": {
    "notificationTimeout": 600

The following table lists the configuration parameters for the settings file. Parameters which are not listed in this table are recommended not to be changed.

Parameter Default Description
offlineCache > size (byte) 500.000.000 Maximum storage space for time series data while the device is offline.
Recommended value: 100.000.000 –
controllerInterface > mqttPort 1883 Port of the MQTT broker
controllerInterface > mqttHostname Docker: "”
Script: ""
IP address of the MQTT broker
EventObserver > initialDelay (seconds) 0 Defines the intital delay before the Open Edge Device Kit starts polling for jobs from {{ whitelabel.IOTtoolName }} (e.g. configuration updates). Changing this value is not recommended.
EventObserver > executionPeriod (seconds) 10 Defines the period for polling jobs (e.g. configuration updates) from {{ whitelabel.IOTtoolName }}. Values higher than 30 s can help reducing traffic, but cause delays in the execution of these jobs. Recommended values: 10 – 120
Notification > notificationTimeout (seconds) 600 Time out value for notifications, e.g. onboarding status. If operations take longer, they fail and a log message notification could not be processed is generated.
The recommended value depends on the CPU:
- Multi-core x86-x64 CPUs: 60
- Single core, low frequency or mobile CPUs: 600 – 1000
Logging > level INFO Log level for the Open Edge Device Kit. Enabling DEBUG will decrease the performance significantly.
Recommended values: ERROR or INFO.
Logging > sizeMB 20 Maximum file size for log files. Changing this value is not recommended.
Logging > uploadCycleSec 120 Upload interval for sending log files to {{ whitelabel.IOTtoolName }}.
Recommended value: 120 - 18000
Logging > size_cap_mb (MB) 200 Maximum storage space to be taken up by log files on the device.
Recommended value: 200

Starting the Open Edge Device Kit

Start the Open Edge Device Kit using the command below:

{installation_directory}/bin/MindEdgeRuntimeSystem -c {installation_directory}/cfg/oedk_config.json

Last update: November 16, 2021

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