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Using Logging Functionalities

Configuring the Logging Settings

The logging configuration of the Open Edge Device Kit is defined in the settings file /ipc/cfg/oedk_config.json. The following table lists the configurable logging parameters:

Parameter Description
active_log_directory directory for active log files
upload_log_directory directory for uploading log files
archived_log_directory directory for archiving log files
size_mb size limit for log files

The following extract of the Open Edge Device Kit shows an example logging configuration:

"logging": {
        "active_log_directory": "/persistent_massdata/log/",
        "upload_log_directory": "/persistent_massdata/tmp/logsToUpload/",
        "archived_log_directory": "/persistent_massdata/tmp/archive/",
        "logLevel": "INFO",
        "size_mb": 20,
        "size_cap_mb": 200,
        "log_history_days": 8,
        "upload_cycle_sec": 120

Automatic Log File Archiving

The Open Edge Device Kit regularly creates new log files and archives the previous file. This is triggered if either of the following conditions is fulfilled:

  • Time: The Open Edge Device Kit creates a new log file when the first log message of a new day arrives.
  • Size: The Open Edge Device Kit creates a new log file when the current file reaches the user defined size limit size_mb.

Log File Upload

The Open Edge Device Kit automatically copies archived log files into the upload folder and starts the upload.

Downloading Log Files

  1. Open Insights Hub Monitor from the Launchpad.
  2. Navigate to Explore / Assets
  3. Select the asset that represents your device.
  4. Open the Attachments plugin.
  5. Select the desired log files and click on Download at the bottom of the tab.

Log File Download

Last update: February 23, 2024

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