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MindSphere Web Components


MindSphere Web Components are ready-to-use building blocks for use in custom applications which do not require a specific framework. These building blocks solve common issues faced by developers during the development of industrial applications, such as navigation between devices or standard visualization types. They can easily be integrated into individual development code and customized to accelerate the application development process.

There are three types of MindSphere Web Components:

  1. Utility Web Components are pure frontend controls without accessing any data like the DateTimeRange-Picker. These components do not require a specific MindSphere api or role.
  2. Basic Web Components use the MindSphere APIs to display or handle data. The required roles must be configured in Developer Cockpit.
  3. Advanced Web Components have some further dependencies, for instance that you need a specific MindSphere application or MindSphere offering. More you will find in the related web component description.

The following MindSphere Web Components are currently available:

Component Name Type Availability Comment
Aggregate Chart Basic v1.0 - v1.21 DEPRECATED
Aspect Variable Selector Basic >= v1.0
Asset Map Basic >= v1.0
Asset Type View Basic >= v1.19
Asset View Basic >= v1.0
Custom Map Basic >= v1.6
Date Time Range Picker Utility >= v1.0
Event View Basic >= v1.0
Event Type View Basic >= v1.23
File View Basic >= v1.0
IDL List View Advanced >= v1.21
Map Basic >= v1.0
MCEA View Chart Advanced >= v1.17
Rule Table Basic >= v1.23
Rule View Basic v1.0 - v1.21 DEPRECATED
Rule Wizard Basic >= v1.23
TimeSeries Chart Basic >= v1.12
TimeSeries Table Basic >= v1.16

Get the MindSphere Web Components

The MindSphere Web Components are available via content delivery network:

  • https://static.{region}.{mindsphere-domain}/webcomponents/v1/index.js
Europe 1
China 1


MindSphere Web Components are currently hosted in region Europe 1 (usage in Europe 2 also possible) and region China 1.

After loading the source, the MindSphere Web Components can be integrated into any web application by using the respective selectors, refer to Components and References.

A demo application which integrates the MindSphere Web Components is available for download on the Siemens Industry Online Support (SIOS) Portal [EN]/[DE].

Download for region China 1

For region China 1, download the zip file with Region China special label version from the Siemens Industry Online Support (SIOS) Portal.

Mendix Widgets

MindSphere Web Components are also available for Mendix Application Development. Within the Mendix app store you can find the MindSphere Web Components as widgets. Mendix Developers can easily integrate those widgets into their projects. Please find more information about the Mendix Widgets in the chapter Mendix Widgets.



MindSphere Web Components provide options for customization and branding of reliable standard functionalities.


MindSphere Web Components provide a data model and business logic to handle the communication with MindSphere and third-party APIs. These interfaces can be integrated via attributes and events based on HTML standards.

Most components provide a graphical user interface.


We love to hear about your ideas, questions and feedback around MindSphere Web Components!

Leave us a message in the MindSphere Developer Space and use the label "Web Components".

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Last update: August 30, 2022