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MindSphere Web Components

MindSphere Web Components are regularly updated with new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. They are deployed in different versions.

This section describes the different versions that are available to use.

  • Latest version: You can refer directly to the major version by just specifying /v1/ in the path. This endpoint will automatically provide the latest features and fixes for that major version. However, the endpoint will not provide any breaking changes, since they would require a major version increment.

  • Specific minor version: You can refer to the minor version by specifying /v1.x/. This endpoint will not provide any new features or any breaking changes.


The latest version is recommended, as this version contains the latest features, bug fixes and improvements.

Overview about versions availability in different regions

Europe 1 / Europe 2 China 1
1.16 1.16
1.15 -
1.14 -
1.13 1.13
1.12 1.12
1.11 -
1.10 1.10
1.9 -
1.8 1.8
1.7 -
1.6 -
1.5 -
1.4 -
1.3 -


The latest version is marked in bold.

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Last update: July 29, 2022