MindSphere Web Components

With Cross-Tenancy functionality, MindSphere allows to share data between different independent tenants. This section describes how shared data can be displayed in your application using Web Components.

Cross-Tenancy can be enabled for the following Web Components using the property sharedAssets:

  • Asset View
  • Asset Map
  • Aspect Variable-Selector
  • Aggregate Chart

By default, Cross-Tenancy is disabled.

To handle shared assets from other tenants, the sharedAssets-attribute has to be set.

  // activate Cross-Tenancy in the asset view
  assetView.sharedAssets = true

  // also other components have to be activated if they are used
  aspectVariableSelector.sharedAssets = true;
  aggregatesChart.sharedAssets = true;

Shared asset IDs are not yet supported by the following Web Components:

  • File View
  • Rule View

If differentiation is needed, the IAsset property isShared can be used.

  assetView.addEventListener('selectedAssetChanged', function (eventParams) {
    if(!eventParams.detail.isShared) {
      fileView.assetId = eventParams.detail.assetId;

For more information refer Cross-Tenancy.

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