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IoT TS Aggregates Client for Java


The IoT TS Aggregates Java client allows you to query aggregated time series data. Refer to IoT TS Aggregates for more information about the service.


In the IoT context, assets are referred to as entity and aspects as propertyset.

TS Aggregates Operations

Client name: TimeseriesAggregateClient

Read Aggregated Time Series Data

Read aggregated time series data. This method returns aggregated data of a single aspect of an asset from the specified time range.


A query can only return up to 200 aggregate intervals in one response.
Aggregates can only be created from up to 5,000 raw time series entries.

// Construct the TimeseriesAggregateClient object
TimeseriesAggregateClient timeseriesAggregateClient =  TimeseriesAggregateClient.builder()

List<AggregateDetails> aggregateDetailsList = null;
try {
    aggregateDetailsList = timeseriesAggregateClient.getAggregateTimeseries(entity, propertySet, from, to, intervalValue, intervalUnit, select);
} catch (MindsphereException e) {
    // Exception handling

Last update: February 23, 2024

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