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MindSphere Fleet Manager Plugin


Please note, that Fleet Manager is going to be replaced by Operations Insight. Therefore this SDK is not maintained anymore.

Use the Operations Insight Plugin SDK from now, which has been enhanced with further functionality and is fully compatible with this SDK.
In the FAQ you can also find a description, how to update.


Fleet Manager provides built-in plugins and offers third-party providers to integrate their own plugins. These plugins typically display information or configuration options for a selected asset. Built-in Fleet Manager plugins are views for assets, e.g. general information, file management or charts for time series data.

Third-party plugins can provide custom information about assets and are automatically displayed in the Fleet Manager overview alongside the built-in plugins as shown below.

Fleet Manager Plugin


There is no other way to integrate plugins into Fleet Manager than using this SDK.


Third-party Fleet Manager plugins are currently only supported in region Europe 1 and China 1.

Getting the Plugin SDK

Download the Fleet Manager Plugin SDK from the Siemens Industry Online Support (SIOS) Portal by following these links [EN] / [DE] / [ZH].

For integration instructions refer to the Getting Started or the Demo.


The Fleet Manager Plugin SDK integrates third-party plugins into Fleet Manager and provides an interface to communicate with Fleet Manager. This enables Fleet Manager to inform the plugin about user actions and vice versa.

In addition to custom content, Fleet Manager plugins can provide plugin information and use a date time range picker:

Fleet Manager Plugin

Restricted Visibility

The visibilty of third-party plugins is configured using roles. Plugins are only displayed for users who have the required roles.

Date Time Range Picker

A date time range picker is available for custom plugins and can be activated, if needed.

Plugin Information

Plugin developers can define additional plugin information for their plugin. The plugin information displays the plugin name, copyright information, links and provider information. If the plugin is provisioned to another tenant, the provider information refers to the operator tenant.

Plugin Information

Differences with Applications

The main differences between a web application and a Fleet Manager plugin in MindSphere are:

  • A Fleet Manager plugin has to implement the Fleet Manager Plugin SDK.
  • A Fleet Manager plugin does not implement the osbar.
  • Fleet Manager plugins are registered in Developer Cockpit as a Fleet Manager Plugin.

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Last update: November 18, 2021