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Fleet Manager Plugin SDK – Interfaces and References


Please note, that Fleet Manager is going to be replaced by Operations Insight. Therefore this SDK is not maintained anymore.

Use the Operations Insight Plugin SDK from now, which has been enhanced with further functionality and is fully compatible with this SDK.
In the FAQ you can also find a description, how to update.

Input Parameters provided by Fleet Manager

Parameter Type Description
active boolean Indicates whether the component is currently active (if true, the plugin tab is currently active and visible).
assetId string Specifies the ID of the currently selected asset in Fleet Manager.
dateRange DateRange Specifies the currently selected date range, which contains the start / end date and the timezone.
language string Specifies the currently selected language (en/de).

Requests received by Fleet Manager

Requests type Description
navigate({assetId}, {pluginId}, {dateRange}) NavigationOptions Requests Fleet Manager to navigate to another plugin, select an asset and/or apply a date range.
(all parameters optional)
setAssetId(assetId) string Requests Fleet Manager to navigate to another asset.
setDateRange(dateRange) DateRange Requests Fleet Manager to apply a global date range.
enableDateTimeRangePicker() - Requests Fleet Manager to display a date time range picker in the plugin header.
disableDateTimeRangePicker() - Requests Fleet Manager to hide the date time range picker from the plugin header.
setAppInfoI18n(appInfoI18n) AppInfoI18n Specifies an i18n map for the app's legal information.

Date Time Range Picker

A date time range picker is available for custom plugins and can be activated using the command enableDateTimeRangePicker() if required. User selections are provided to the plugin using the dateRange parameter.

Plugin Information

The plugin information is provided using the appInfoI18n parameter. Configurable information are the plugin name, copyright information and/or links. The appInfoI18n parameter is an object literal that contains the appInfo in one or more languages. The default language is English (en) and must always be provided. The appInfo must be provided in the format defined in the OS Bar documentation.


If the appInfo does not use the correct format an exception is thrown while loading the SDK and the plugin information will be empty.

Plugin Roles

The plugin is loaded in an iframe and has its own URL and security context. The required roles for accessing the plugin have to be configured in Developer Cockpit as for normal web applications.

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Last update: March 17, 2023