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MindSphere Fleet Manager Plugin SDK – FAQ

Why does npm install output errors?

Why is the plugin not displayed in Fleet Manager?

  • The plugin has not been created with type Fleet Manager Plugin
  • The required role is not assigned to your user.
  • You have not logged out and logged back in after assigning the role to your user.
  • The plugin is not provisioned for this tenant.

Why is the plugin shown on the Launchpad?

  • The plugin has been registered in the Developer Cockpit as a normal app instead of as Fleet Manager Plugin.

Why don't I have the permission to access MindSphere APIs?

  • The required roles have not been assigned to the plugin in the Developer Cockpit.

Why can't I load libraries like bootstrap in my plugin?

  • The CSP header has not been customized in the Developer Cockpit.

How do I remove the plugin from my tenant?

  • Remove the plugin roles from your user (selected users only).
  • Remove it via the Operator Cockpit (all users of the tenant).

Why do I get a pop-up to refresh my session for the plugin?

Fleet Manager Plugin- refresh session

  • The Fleet Manager Plugin SDK is not integrated properly.
  • The plugin does not send any requests to the MindSphere backend and therefore the plugin session expired.
    • Click on the refresh link to refresh the authentication for the plugin in an extra tab and reload Fleet Manager afterwards.
    • Refresh the app token automatically, by periodically sending a ping to a MindSphere backend service (don't forget to add the required roles), e.g.:

      setInterval(refreshToken, 60000);
      function refreshToken() {
          var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
'GET', 'api/assetmanagement/v3/assets?size=1', true);

Any questions left?

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Last update: March 21, 2019