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Cloud Foundry How Tos - Space Management

Add a New User

After the initial account registration the Tenant Owner will be assigned the Org Manager role within his environments Cloud Foundry Org. He can then assign roles to new users via the Cloud Foundry CLI.


Prerequisites for adding a new user:
* The new user has access to a DevOps Plan. * The new user has logged into the Cloud Foundry once before (see Deploy the Application to Cloud Foundry via CF CLI).


The environment role and the Cloud Foundry role are not the same and need to be assigned separately.

Change a User's Permissions

Users can have one or more roles. The combination of these roles defines the user's overall permissions in the Org and within specific app spaces in that Org.

Use the following commands for managing users on an Org level.

Function Command Example
View the organizations belonging to an account cf orgs cf orgs
View all users in an organization by role cf org-users {org_name} cf org-users my-mindsphere-org
Assign an Org role to a user cf set-org-role {user_name} {org_name} {role} cf set-org-role Alice my-mindsphere-org OrgManager
Remove an Org role from a user cf unset-org-role {user_name} {org_name} {role} cf unset-org-role Alice my-mindsphere-org OrgManager

And these for only assigning access to specific spaces.

Function Command Example
View the spaces in an Org cf spaces cf spaces
View all users in a space by role cf space-users {org_name} {space_name} cf space-users my-mindsphere-org development
Assign a space role to a user cf set-space-role {user_name} {org_name} {space_name} {role} cf set-space-role Alice my-example-org development SpaceAuditor
Remove a space role from a user cf unset-space-role {user_name} {org_name} {space_name} {role} cf unset-space-role Alice my-mindsphere-org development SpaceAuditor

Create a New Space

Use cf create-space {space_name} to create a new space within your Org. Next, you can proceed and assign one of your developers the SpaceManager or SpaceDeveloper role by using cf set-space-role {user_name} {org_name} {space_name} {role}. You can list all users of an space with cf space-users.

Assign a User to a Space

Use cf set-space-role {user_name} {org_name} {space_name} {role} to add a user to a space.

Get the Current Usage of my Org

Use the cf org {org_name} command to get information about your Org.

Last update: July 7, 2023

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