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Cloud Foundry How Tos - Docker container in Cloud Foundry


Running Docker containers in Cloud Foundry is currently only possible for Developer tenants. Apps cannot be validated by App Validation and will not be forwarded to Operator tenant.


Running Docker containers in Cloud Foundry is currently only supported in region Europe 1.

Docker containers based on docker images, which are stored in a Container Registry, can be directly run in Cloud Foundry.


The following are the prerequisites for running containers which are stored in MindSphere Container Registry Lite:

  • You have created MindSphere Container Registry Robot Account
  • You have logged into docker registry in command line
  • You have tagged the image
  • You have pushed the image to MindSphere Container Registry


MindSphere Container Registry Robot Account is only valid for 30 days. If your app has to restart and the Robot Account is expired, your app will crash, because it cannot pull the image. Restart of an app is required if e.g. your app crashes or when CloudFoundry is updated.
To avoid this, you have to re-create Robot Account at least every 30 days and re-push your with new Robot Account.

Push a Docker Image from MindSphere Container Registry

To deploy a Docker image from MindSphere Container Registry, execute the following command:

  export CF_DOCKER_PASSWORD={robot_account_password}
  cf push {app_name} --docker-image{tenant}/{image}:{tag} --docker-username '{robot_account_user}'

For more information refer Deploying an App with Docker.

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Last update: May 5, 2021