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Documentation for Insights Hub and Industrial IoT capabilities

Get the basics

Get the basics

Familiarize yourself with the architecture, building blocks, concepts, and interactions, from token exchange to access control.

Make Industrial IoT work for you


Connect (almost any) Industrial device to harvest data and remotely connect to your on-site assets. Here's how.


With our system tools, you manage your environment every step of the way, from your first venture into IoT to running fully digitalized business models. Find out how.

Use Apps and Solutions

Stand on the shoulders of giants! Check out manuals of custom-built and out-of-the-box apps and solutions you can use for your project and to scale your IoT.

Build your own Apps and Solutions

Here are your building blocks! To help you develop and - if you so choose - share and monetize your own app, we've put together the latest concepts, How-tos, SDKs, and APIs.

Data Integration and Management

Here's how you can easily ingest, transform, contextualize and manage data from different clouds and on-premise.

Get the support you need


Insights Hub (formerly MindSphere) is the industrial IoT application suite that empowers you to generate actionable insights from assets and operational data, driving manufacturing excellence by improving operational efficiency and quality.

Insights Hub is part of Industrial Operations X. With Industrial Operations X, we are expanding the Siemens Xcelerator vision to include our portfolio of industrial operations software and industrial IoT. The Industrial Operations X portfolio helps our customers and industries to accelerate their production processes, making them adaptive, people-centric and holistically integrated. With this new approach to operations and smart manufacturing, we are confident you will be better equipped to face the ever-changing industry demands, business models and workforces.

Yes. Get started at no cost with Insights Hub Start for Free.

Learn more

There are three ways to log in to Insights Hub for the first time:

1. Use the link from your Insights Hub (former MindSphere) welcome email

2. If you know the URL of your environment, type it directly in your browser

3. Go to Insights Hub and click the login button on the top right of the page (this method is only available to users with a standard IDP Webkey). You can log in with Webkey and see all the environments you have access to listed. Choose one.

Support Center
Your one-stop support hub

Browse the knowledge base to find answers or get in touch with product support. Sign in with your Webkey / Insights Hub credentials.

Online Community
A great community to be part of

Ask questions and share ideas with Siemens customers who use Industrial IoT.

Accelerate your learning curve with Insights Hub and Industrial IoT Videos

Introducing Insights Hub and Industrial IoT

View our videos to learn more about the functionality of Insights Hub and Industrial IoT.

More resources


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Release notes

See what's new in Insights Hub and Industrial IoT.


Browse quality and security certificates.

Last update: June 5, 2024