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Creating Query using Data Contextualization

The Data Query Service accepts input in Native SQL format. This document describes how to create queries.


  • Data Contextualization is only applicable for Local Private Cloud.
  • Business query is not applicable for Private Cloud.


  • Data Contextualization provisioned to the tenant.
  • A Data Contextualization role: either admin or technical user credentials.

Accessing Data Contextualization APIs

This section describes how to fetch token to access the secured APIs and to create a query.


  • Client Id, Client Secret
  • Access Token URL to fetch a token to call secured APIs

Fetch token credentials

This section describes how to fetch token credentials.

  1. In the Authorization tab in POSTMAN, select Type as “OAuth 2.0”.
  2. Click “Get New Access Token”. Get new access token
  3. For the “Grant Type” field, select “Client Credentials” from the dropdown. Enter the values in the Client Id, Client Secret and Access Token URL fields and click “Request Token”. Request token
  4. A token is now granted. Click “Use Token”. Use token

Now, the secured APIs can be accessed by using this token.

Create query

Last update: December 11, 2023

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