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Setting up CI/CD pipeline using CF credentials

The Credential Service enables the developers to setup a CI/CD pipeline for development, so that automated deployment can be enabled. The Cloud Foundry user credentials generated by the tenant administrators can be used to automate Continuous Integration build pipelines. It will therefore help in eliminating manual activities and in turn minimize human error.


The following prerequisites must be fulfilled when setting up CI/CD pipeline

  • TenantAdmin role to access Settings from Launchpad
  • DeveloperAdmin/OperatorAdmin role
  • Required access to configure CI/CD pipeline for your project
  • Required configuration of your project pipeline with CF CLI

Setting up CI/CD pipeline

This section shows how to deploy a sample application on Cloud Foundry and expose it at the Gateway using the Developer Cockpit.

  1. Open Settings from Launchpad and click the Service Credentials tab.
  2. Enter the Username and Description and click Create Service Credentials.
  3. Store the credentials immediately for future reference since it will be displayed only once. For more information, refer Settings document.
  4. Configure the proxy settings, if necessary.

    Click here for detailed information on proxy settings

    If you are in a company network behind a proxy, you may have to set the proxies to reach the Cloud Foundry endpoints. Contact your administrator, if you face any timeouts or connectivity problems.

    Set the proxies for the Cloud Foundry CLI as shown below:

    set http_proxy=http://PROXY_IP:PROXY_PORT
    set https_proxy=http://PROXY_IP:PROXY_PORT
    export http_proxy=http://PROXY_IP:PROXY_PORT
    export https_proxy=http://PROXY_IP:PROXY_PORT

5.Log in to CF with the credentials created using Step 2.

cf login -a -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD

6.Select your Cloud Foundry org and space using the following command:

cf target -o {org_name} -s {space_name}

7.To push an app to a space, the CF user should have the Space Developer role for that space.

cf set-space-role USERNAME {org_name} {space_name} SpaceDeveloper

8.Push the application to your Cloud Foundry space using:

cf push

Last update: December 1, 2023

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